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High Gravity Wort

What is High Gravity Wort

Long White Cloud High Gravity Wort is produced in the traditional way, starting with a mash using a selection of fine crushed malts. Sweet wort is extracted and boiled with selected hops to achieve the perfect balance of bitterness and aroma. At this point the wort, like all wort, comprises about 12% complex malt sugars suspended in pure water. It then goes through a vacuum evaporation process at low temperatures to gently remove significant quantities of the remaining water to concentrate the sugars and flavours while retaining freshness. The fresh wort now has a higher specific gravity and hence the name, High Gravity Wort. To return fresh High Gravity Wort to the right concentration for fermentation,  just add water and yeast according to a recipe.

How Do I Use High Gravity Wort

There are six types of High Gravity Wort - Pale, Pilsner, Wheat, Bitter, Dark, and Malty Monster. Select a combination of these to make the style of beer you want. You will need four packs to make around 23 litres of beer. Alternatively, we have recipe packs available with wort combinations and yeast already pre-selected.

Brewing Instructions

Your chosen high gravity wort is a fresh liquid, so keep it cold prior to use. It is added to a clean fermenter, topped up with water and given a stir. Yeast is pitched and fermentation begins. From there, the process is the same as your usual brewing method; control fermentation temperature until your fermentation is complete, dry hop, cool and then bottle or keg.


  1. Sanitise your fermenter
  2. Transfer wort to fermenter
  3. Add water to the correct temperature
  4. Pitch yeast
  5. Control fermentation temperature
  6. Dry hop
  7. Complete fermentation time
  8. Cool beer
  9. Rack into bottles or kegs
  10. Carbonate and condition

Medal Winning Wort

World Beer Awards 2016, Gold Medal, Long White Cloud Saison

International Beer Cup Japan 2015, Best In Class, Silver Medal, Long White Cloud Pale Ale

International Beer Cup, Japan 2016, Bronze Medal, Long White Cloud Pale Ale

International Beer Challenge London 2016, Silver Medal, Long White Cloud Session Pale Ale

Brewers Guild of New Zealand 2015, Silver Medal, Long White Cloud Hefeweizen

For further information visit the Long White Cloud Brewing website.


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