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Snap On Can Carrier Holder (10 Pack)

Cannular Snap On Can Carrier Holder
Snap On Can Carrier Holder (10 Pack)
In Stock

In Stock

Cannular Snap On Can Carrier Holder - 6 Pack x Bundle of 10.

Protect your precious canned cargo from dirt and liquid attacks!

If you've gone to the marvelous step of a Cannular Canning Machine, take the next step and package it correctly. For light transport in and out of fridges or on your way to a mates places for a bbq there is nothing better than these simple yet effective plastic carriers.

Colour Choice:
Black Only

Simply press down the plastic topper on the top of your can and it will click into place.
This will work with all KegLand Cannular Compatible Cans, full aperture and wide mouth.

6 Pack Formation
10 x Units

Note: The 6 x 500mL Cans in the photo are not included

From: Kegland

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