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Serial Brewer - All Grain Recipe Subscription - Monthly

Serial Brewer - Monthly All Grain Recipe Subscription
Serial Brewer - All Grain Recipe Subscription - Monthly
In Stock

In Stock
Get an all-grain recipe pack delivered to your door every month
Each month we will send you a recipe pack containing the malts, hops, and yeast to make a batch of beer. We will feature a different beer style each time, but you won't know what it is until its on your doorstep. This is an opportunity to try new styles. The dispatch of your recipe will be around the 20th of each month, with order cut-off of 15th.
If monthly is too frequent for you, you may be interested in our quarterly option.
Recipes could be ales or lagers. If you don't have temperature control of your fermentation, select this option below as this may alter what we send you, particularly the yeast. In most cases the recipe will include dry yeast, but occassionally it may involve a liquid yeast if you select the temperature control option.
Shipping is included in the price.
No long-term commitments, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Once you have subscribed your credit card will be automatically billed each month (note that when ordering this subscription it must be paid with a credit card to enable this automation. Please also ensure you are logged into your Brewshop account, and select the "Save this card for future transactions".).
Each recipe will contain the necessary malts, hops and yeast to brew with. If you require water salts, yeast nutrient, finings, etc. you will need to purchase those separately.
Once you have brewed and tasted the recipe, share your comments on the Facebook Group.

Batch Size 20-23 litres (depending on recipe)
Max. Grain Bill Size 7.5kg
Efficiency Approx. 70%
Note: You will need to have the necessary equipment for all-grain brewing.
Pricing is worked out on an average cost. Some months may have a simple, lower value recipe while others may be hop-heavy and have a high value.

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