Insulating Neoprene Cover for Kegerator Tower - 115mm - 4 Tap Font

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This unit has been designed to fit our standard Quadruple Tap Kegerator Tower or any other 115mm diameter font. It does not fit 1-3 tap kegerator towers.

Keep your beer icy-cold with this insulated tower/font cover right out of the first drop. Most kegerators that we sell include a font fan that blows cold fridge air up the font. With that said heat loss from the stainless font surface causes the font temperature to rise meaning that a small amount of beer contributes to the "first pour foam effect".

These extra thick covers are made from 7mm neoprene, meaning your beer will stay cold even if the hot sun is beating down directly on the font.

This helps save power as your fridge will not be working as hard, and you pay less in power. So this thing practically pays for itself!

How to Install

1. Remove taps from the font. (no need to remove the shank from the font, just the taps).

2. Pull the insulated cooler down over the font.

3. Mark the tap holes and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut a hole in the neoprene jacket.

4. Re-attach the taps.

NOTE: Nail cutting scissors are particularly good for this application, or a 5/8" Hole Punch.

Please note these only come with a Kegland logo. They are not sold in plain black.

From: Kegland

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