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Kegerator - Series X - Quadruple Tap

Kegerator - Series X - Quadruple Tap
Kegerator - Series X - Quadruple Tap
In Stock

In Stock

The Series X.1 Quadruple Tap Stainless Kegerator is perfect for anyone looking to put beer on tap at home or at a café, restaurant, or bar. It includes Stainless taps, stainless steel font, and a MK4 CO2 Regulator. The only additional parts you will require are the gas cylinder and kegs.

The four tap systems allow you to dispense four of the taller (Pepsi-style) 19L ball lock kegs at the same time.

This is the new Series X.1 model which has serval major advancements:
- 10% More Energy Efficient
- 15% Faster Cooling
- Thicker Side Walls

Series X Kegerator Specs (base unit):
- Dimensions: approx. 600mm wide x 850mm high x 670mm deep with no CO2 cylinder holder (800mm deep with cylinder holder). Standard castors 65mm.

We include ball lock connectors for corny kegs by default. You will need to purchase a D-Type coupler or similar if you intend to use larger, commercial kegs.

To fit four corny kegs inside the kegerator, at least two of the kegs will need to be the taller, skinnier style, like our new 19L kegs. The used kegs are the shorter, wider style, and four of these will not fit.

Compatible with carbonation cap and Duotight 6.5mm x 8mm reducer (not included) for gas entry on the back of the unit, as per photo.

Note: the CO2 cylinder and kegs to go with the Kegerator fridge are sold separately. See our kegging section for options.

Minimum Clearance Required Around the Series X:
The Series X kegerator has radiators in the left- and right-hand walls of the kegerator. These radiators need to be well ventilated so that heat can be dissipated from within the kegerator to the external environment. A minimum of 100mm clearance is required on the left- and right-hand side and the back of the kegerator. Failure to leave this clearance may void the warranty as it is essential for proper cooling and can cause high electrical consumption and may cause the kegerator to fail prematurely.

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