Label Applicator Machine with Date Coder - Semi-Automated - For Self Adhesive Labels

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This semi-automated compact label applicator machine with date coder is ideal for commercial operations which require stamp dates on their products or homebrewers who are just looking to keep track of when a batch was packaged.

This label applicator is suited for bottles, jars or cans of up to 160mm diameter. It is fully adjustable for labelling any cylindrical container. Apply self adhesive labels to your beer, wine or spirits while stamping a date code on the container easily, quickly and automatically.

Labels not included.

This compact bench top machine is small enough to fit on a standard bench top making it suitable for growler filling or right next to your filling line.


  • Power: 220-240v (less than 100watts)
  • Max Label Height:15cm
  • Max Label Length/Width: 30cm
  • Max Can/Bottle/Jar Diameter: 16cm
  • Label Applicator Speed: 1-3 seconds (depending on label length)
  • Dimensions: 25cm wide x 55cm long x 35cm high (approx)
  • Data Coder - Fully adjustable position, automatic operation, date code stamps included

From: Kegland

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