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Cannular Fully Automatic Canning Machine - Single Lane

Cannular Fully Automatic Canning Machine - Single Lane
Cannular Fully Automatic Canning Machine - Single Lane
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In Stock

Cannular Fully Automatic Canning Machine - Single Lane

Let's face it, canning is one of the best ways to package your delicious beer. The advantages are obvious. They are more environmentally friendly compared to glass. You can get lower DO, so your packaged product will be fresher tasting and longer lasting. A full hermetic seal means absolutely zero O2 ingress.

Obviously, cans are a super popular form of packaging that is far more appropriate for drinking outdoors or events where glass is undesirable (festivals etc).

Cans are completely impervious to light, of course. And best of all, cans look cool. With the right label, your product will really stand out in the market!

If you are serious about quality, environmental impact, convenience and style, cans are the way to go. There's a very good reason that the whole industry is moving towards canning.

So if you are starting a brewery, brewpub, or are looking to package other carbonated beverages the Cannular Full Auto Single Lane Canning Line is the natural choice for a simple to operate canning line for commercial use.

Designed from the ground up to be a simple to operate and reliable canning solution. It is an extremely affordable canning solution aimed at microbreweries and beyond!

The Cannular brand launched the manual can seaming machine at the start of 2019 with the the world's first bench-top canning machine that was affordable and accessible to home brewers worldwide.  It gave home brewers and craft brewers the ability to get into small scale canning while still maintaining very low DO, seam tightness and lock in beverage quality.

Since then the Cannular canning machines have become the worlds most popular canning machines ever manufactured, selling worldwide in America, Europe, UK, New Zealand and Australia.  On the back of this success KegLand then has further built the Cannular brand name to deliver a Semi-Auto canning machine and now is delighted to bring out the Cannular Full Auto Single Lane Canning Line.

In essence with the whole Cannular range it depends on fundamentally simple processes and when combined with modern engineering provide an elegantly simply solution to small scale packaging. 

The Cannular Fully Auto Single Lane Packaging Line will suit a small to medium sized brewery doing batches from 1000L and up to 5000L. 


  • Single Phase 230V.
  • Supplied as standard with a B64 chuck that suits 202 can bodies.

Compact Size
The compact footprint means this canning line is almost the size of a standard pallet so it can be stowed into pallet racking or wheeled out of the way easily.

Hardened Chuck
The chucks on this machine are made from Cr12MoV which is then coated with Titanium. This grade has superior hardness so it can last an extremly long time without needing to re-tune the machine or change the chuck. The hardness is 58-62 dH. If you are particularly concerned about corrosion of the chuck we can also custom make stainless steel chuck on request. For stainless steel chucks we can use the Quench Polish Quench process to harden the stainless steel. It should be noted that the stainless chuck is more expensive and is less hard than the Cr12MoV alloy and as a result we do not normally recommend this alternative but it can be manufactured if requested.

Setup and Washdown
As the machine is fairly compact the wash down is extremly simply. The whole opperating deck can be washed down with a hose and the chassie is mounted with oversized drip tray to catch stray drips from the filling process. The deck can also be plumbed to waste so cleaning in place (CIP) can be implemented. All wet areas are made from nylon, teflon and 304 stainless steel.

Made with European phenumatics, electronic controllers, flow sensors and industrial grade PLC you can be confident that all components are build to last the distance and designed to handle millions of cans before requiring an overhaul. We recommend that tolerances are checked on the rolls and chuck every 100,000 cans and lubricate some of the pnuematics. Fortunately all spare parts are supplied by KegLand so you know we are not going to shaft you on replacement parts in the unlikely instance that you need them. No major overhauls will be required until well over 1 milliion cans have gone through this machine and even when that time comes the maintenance procedures are relatively straight forward. Obviously every unit is backed by KegLand's legendary customer service.

Significant CPM for the Footprint
This canning line is capable of packaging up to 15 cans per minute*
*Based on the industry standard for a single filling head. Using 330mL cans, low carbonation levels, low temperature and each individual module of the machine optimized to the highest level.

Low Labour Cost
As this machine is relatively simple to run one operator can load cans and lids into the respective hoppers and also package cans from the output of the machine. Larger more complicated machines often require several operators to run making this labour efficient for such a small machine size.

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
Dissolved oxygen is something that is imperative to beer shelf life. This machine is able to get below 40ppb in testing that we have conducted and most machine manufactures quote a similar DO level. The difference in DO has more to do with the operator than the machine itself so how you run the machine will make most of the difference. Some key factors that will effect your DO:

Eliminate Draft: If you have any draft in the area you are filling the protective CO2 layer in the can will be blown away.

Pre-Fill Purge: This make a substantial difference and it's important that you setup at least a few seconds of purchase time so the can is somewhat purged of oxygen prior to filling. This can be done in the PLC controller.

Time Between Fill and Seam: With a single head filler this is one factor that substantially improves results. As you can imagine if you have a multi head filler that typically fills several cans at once the last can will be exposed to more oxygen than the first can. With this single head model simply minimizing the time between fill and seam using the pneumatic movements is all you need to adjust to optimise this.

Cap on Foam: This is an very important factor and allowing the correct fill so when the cap is placed on the foam it evacuates oxygen from under the lid space so this is by far the single most important factor.


Delivery: Due to the size and weight of the machine, there is a shipping surcharge to freight this item. Contact us for a cost estimate if you'd like to know prior to purchasing. If there is no forklift on site, you may also need a tailgate service. If you require this service, please contact us.

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