Kegerator - Series X Plus

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The worlds most compact turnkey solution for an 8 x Keg kegerator. This model is great value, fits 8 x corny kegs or 2 x 50L kegs. Suitable for two tap towers and is energy efficient & quiet to run.

Configurations are available for up to four taps on each of the two towers.

The Series X Plus is a stress-free, push-in and play Kegerator much like its smaller brother the Series X. If you're looking for simplicity and elegance of a Kegerator that you can expand into, this is the Kegerator for you.

This Base Unit includes:

  1. Series X Plus Main Body
  2. MK4 KegLand Regulator with 8mm duotight fitting MK4 KegLand Regulator with 8mm duotight fitting
  3. 2 x Black Plastic Wrap Around Drip Trays
  4. 6 x Castor Wheels (3 Locking and 3 Free Spinning)
  5. CO2 Cylinder Holder (designed to suit 2kg gas cylinder)
  6. Chrome Plated Guard Rail
    Please note it does not come with a wire shelf*

The Series X Plux has been designed with these major objectives in mind:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Ergonomic design
  • Maximum keg storage in compact footprint

Please Note: does not include taps or keg connectors - these will need to be purchased separately. We suggest the Duotight Keg Connectors. The tower includes handles, but you will need to purchase taps separately to match your tower option, and you have these tap options:
Nukatap - Stainless Steel
Nukatap - Flow Control
Nukatap SS - Black - Stealth Bomber

Series X Plus approx. dimensions:

  • 900mm Wide
  • 708mm Deep
  • 840mm (Excluding castor wheels and guard rail)

From: Kegland


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