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Setting Up A Kegerator For Commercial Kegs

Setting Up A Kegerator For Commercial Kegs

By Jordan

Many of our customers are interested in getting a kegerator for work functions, staff rooms or the man cave but are unsure on the set up when they are not home brewers. By default, our kegerators are designed for ball lock kegs intended for home brewers, but if you are looking to purchase commercial beers with D-Type connections, or are using D-Type kegs, this guide should make the set up simple for running both.

Kegerators generally only fit one 50L commercial keg, so this has become a standard option for our single tap kegerator. If you select the D-Type option when ordering this kegerator, then it will have everything needed to run a commercial keg. It comes with the following D-Type coupler complete with a 90-degree bend and Duotight fittings so it can be plumbed straight in:

Alternatively, if you have both corny (home brew) and commercial kegs, you can modify these couplers with ball lock fittings so your keezer or kegerator doesn't need to be adjusted each time a different style of keg is connected. For this we use:

Hopefully this guide makes adopting your set up for commercial use a bit easier.