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Brew your own beer to be as unique as you are

Brewshop began life in 2010 and received its first home brew order before the website was even finished. It was a classic example of a business that 'started in the garage' but quickly grew, and has continued to grow to this day, expanding into larger warehouses every 2-3 years.

Run by brewers for brewers ensures that the products and service reflect what we'd want from a home brew shop. Being passionate about home and craft brewing, we thrive on being immersed in brewing day in day out. Internal brewing competitions, training sessions, brewery visits, beer festivals, collaboration brews and many other fun brewing activities take place to power the brewing obsession.

We are online-only, with a warehouse full of ingredients and equipment for both home brewers and craft breweries. The majority of our equipment is imported directly from China, India, France, USA and Australia, and we also distribute this to our retail partners across the country.

Our dedicated team starts work at 6am every weekday to get a jump on orders and help ensure same-day delivery packages get on the first courier pick-up at 9am. Being Hamilton-based, combined with our nationwide, premium courier providers, gives us a great ability to dispatch orders for quick delivery.

We look forward to sharing our beer brewing passion with you!



By Kiwis, For Kiwis

Brewshop is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

10 Years of excellence

Serving the best home brew beer supplies since 2010.

Partners in craft

Supplying brewery equipment from 5 to 50,000 litres.

Fast, Fair Shipping

Simple flat fees, quick dispatch, and secure tracked deliveries.