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The Complete Kegging Companion Seal Kit

The Complete Kegging Companion Seal Kit
The Complete Kegging Companion Seal Kit
In Stock

In Stock

There is nothing worse that having all your beer ready to go but you are just missing that one o-ring seal. This kit will probably save the day.

This kit contains almost everything you need to refurbish your Cornelius/19L home brew ball lock kegs.

The kit also includes the nylon regulator washers.  There are also some 5/8 washers which are useful for keg couplers, the back of tap shanks any many other 5/8 threaded connections which are common in the Keg Dispensing Industry.

Kit contents:
2 x Silicone Keg Lid O-ring
2 x Cornelius Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
4 x Keg Lid Feet
20 x Post O-Rings
10 x Dip ube O-Rings
6 x Poppets
2 x Nylon Regulator Washers
4 x 5/8 Washers for tap shanks and Keg Couplers
1 x Cornelius Type Gas Post for Ball Lock Kegs (Female Thread)
1 x Cornelius Type Liquid Post for Ball Lock Kegs (Female Thread)

All of this comes packed in a neat plastic container to keep the stuff organised.

From: Kegland

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