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Ss Unitank Fermenter - 26L, 52L, 64L, 1BBL

Ss Unitank Fermenter
Ss Unitank Fermenter - 26L, 52L, 64L, 1BBL
$1,995.00 - $3,295.00
In Stock
$1,995.00 - $3,295.00

$1,995.00 - $3,295.00
In Stock

Order an Ss Unitank during February 2024 and receive a free Unitank Accessory Kit valued at $119.95, while stock lasts.

The Ss Unitank Fermenter. Available in three sizes: 26 litre, 52 litre, 64 litre, 1BBL.

The Unitanks are designed to bridge the gap between home and professional brewing, with 100% tri-clamp connections, lid mounted immersion chiller coil for temp control and crashing, and the ability to carbonate in-vessel.

- Fully welded tri-clamp flanges
- Combination 3” tri-clamp dry hop, CIP, and PRV port
- 3” to 1.5” tri-clamp reducer for PRV
- 1.5” tri-clamp carb stone with 3/8" ball valve
- 1.5” tri-clamp blow off cane with welded blow off arm mount
- 1.5” tri-clamp to 1/2" ball valve for blow off cane
- 1.5” tri-clamp pro sanitary pressure gauge
- 1.5” tri-clamp pro sanitary sampling valve
- 1.5” tri-clamp thermowell with LCD thermometer
- 6" (or 8” for 1BBL model) tri-clamp lid with fully welded chiller coil
- Neoprene insulation jacket
- Butterfly valves with racking arm
- Stainless lower shelf
- Adjustable feet

FTSs Temperature Controllers are available for heating and chilling to maintain your fermentation temperature, sold separately.

Note: photos are from a mix of the unit sizes - some sizes have a slightly different configuration.

From: Ss Brewtech

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