Ss Pro Spunding Valve

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The Ss Pro Spunding Valve - for use on tanks up to 20 bbl.

This scaled version includes an etched sleeve with a scale between 0-2.2 BAR, along with a pressure calibrated spring.  This version is perfect for a brewery that wants to be able to dial in pressures on the fly without having to match the release pressure using a gauge. The scaled version also features a pressure release knob to quickly and easily verify or equalize tank pressure. 

The polycarbonate cup is designed to hold sanitiser so that the tank remains 100% sanitary throughout the course of the fermentation process. 

Lastly, a final note on safety, always leave the fixed-pressure PRV included with the Unitank in place, never exceed the maximum rated working pressure of the vessel at any time during operation.

  • All 304 Stainless Construction
  • Only for use with pressure rated vessels
  • 1.5" Tri-Clamp interface
  • Removable sanitiser cup
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning

From: Ss Brewtech

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