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Anticipated arrival: February 2020 - taking pre-orders now!

When Ss Brewtech began designing the 1 bbl Brewhouse they knew they didn't want to simply scale up their home equipment line. Instead, they took everything learnt designing, operating, and executing full size professional brewhouses and scaled it down. The result of this approach is a professional grade nano brewhouse with no equal.

- Full Sanitary Hard Piping with Patent Pending Valve Tree
- Milled Plate False Bottom with Grain Out Door
- Rotatable Kettle pick-up tube
- Electric heating elements for HLT, RIMS, and Internal Calandria
- Frame-Mounted Chugger Max Sanitary Pumps and Plate Heat Exchanger

Heating and Internal Calandria
Ss Brewtech have designed the heat sources and electrical framework of the 1 BBL brewhouse to enable the brewer precise control over each temperature and process. At the core of that objective are independent heating elements for each vessel, allowing the user to dial in the perfect strike and sparge temp in the HLT, sustain or step mash temps through the integrated RIMS tube, or modulate the perfect rolling boil via the proportional heat control in the kettle.

Patent Pending Valve Tree
Drawing from the brewer-centric design of pro brewhouses lead Ss Brewtech to the key design feature of this system, the valve tree. Placing all the critical process valves in one central location makes the brew day intuitive and enjoyable. The control panel is a scaled down version from our larger pro brewhouses. The entire brewhouse is built upon a network of sanitary welded and fully hard pipped TC connections. The integral hard piping matched with a fully welded frame provides a fit and finish never before seen in a 1 bbl brewhouse.

Milled False Bottom and Grain-Out
You won't find a punched false bottom on any of the professional brewhouses Ss Brewtech design, and they felt there was no place for one on the nano brewhouse. The precision milled false bottom allows for a faster vorlauf, clearer run off, and mitigates the risk of a stuck sparge. The pro inspired grain-out door allows for quick and easy clean up. Tip and dump, or scooping grain from the top of a mash tun are a thing of the past.

- 3 heating elements (Boil Kettle, HLT, and RIMS)
- Internal Calandria around Boil heating elements
- Tangential whirlpool port
- Stainless hard pipping throughout with valve tree
- Perlick Style sampling valve
- Detachable CIP arm
- Sparge ring
- Combo Vorlauf/Strike water fill port
- Dedicated underlet leg
- Proportional heating element control with Omron PID Controllers combined with dynamic voltage adjustability
- Main control panel with HLT, Mash, Kettle, and heat exchanger temp readouts
- Dedicated pump control switches
- Dual cart mounted electrical service panels
- Ships fully assembled and ready to brew
- Includes both casters and stainless feet
- 400v Three Phase - 50 amp Dedicated Circuit - Typically available only in industrial and heavy commercial buildings. More powerful than Single Phase. If you are unsure, check with your utility provider to verify the type of electrical service that is available at your location.
- 1 bbl final batch size
- 20% kettle headspace
- 2.5mm kettle wall thickness
- 2B Mill Finish
- 1” process piping
- 1” ID butterfly valves, sight glasses, and TC gaskets
- 1 Square Meter Heat Exchanger surface area
- approx. 74" width x 51" height x 40" depth


We are only selling this as a commercial product at this stage due to support required.

From: Ss Brewtech

Note: given the brew house size, there is a shipping surcharge to freight this item. Contact us for a cost estimate if you'd like to know prior to purchasing.


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