Single Step No Rinse Cleaner

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Single Step No Rinse Cleaner.

Cleaning brewing equipment can’t get any simpler than this. Try a new No-Rinse Single Step Cleanser for thorough cleaning in just a single step. It doesn’t contain chlorine, which can leave a film on glassware and corrode stainless steel.

It is an excellent oxygen-base cleanser. This means that it uses a burst of oxygen from the solution to do the cleaning. This high oxygen level actually destroys any unwanted microbes, and it only requires two minutes of contact time, no rinsing required! Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Follow the instructions on the pouch to prepare the solution and you are now good to use it. Use this brewing equipment cleanser with fermenters, bottles, or other brewing equipment. 

  • One pack contains 41g of powder, enough to make up to 7.5 liters of cleaning solution.
  • Proven safe for beer contact. Likewise, no stains or odor left behind.
  • Effective cleaning with a lot less effort and time.

From: Krome Dispense
Material: Precarbonates and sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate
Format: White powder
Net Weight: 41g

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