Silicon Tube

Silicon Tube

Silicone hose for liquid transfer. It is resistant to constant high temperatures and will handle temperatures above boiling point, and has excellent chemical resistance. The soft silicon is easy to work with and seals very well.

Please note that this tube should not be used for pressure above 15psi (such as mains water pressure), and has a burst pressure of around 30psi.

We now offer two grades of silicone tubing, Standard and Platinum, both of similar size. The Platinum is a higher grade of tubing, and is made from 100% Platinum Silicone elastomer with a working temperature range of -50 C to +260 C. The standard grade is white while the premium is classed as clear silicone tubing.

Price is per metre

Size and grade options (internal diameter and outside diameter):
Standard: approx. 12.5mm ID x 18.5mm OD
Platinum: approx. 12.7mm ID x 19mm OD
Standard: approx. 9.5 ID x 15mm OD


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