Power Controller - 4000W Power Station 240V

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This power controller has been over engineered to give you up to 4000w of control of your homebrewing equipment. E.g. our 2200w Weldless Element. The 4000 watt capability will give you peace of mind knowing that the 10amp 2400w appliances you are using with this device will never overheat or harm the controller.

These are currently black controllers, unlike some of the photos.

This component is designed with mounting bolt holes so the power controller can be mounted to your brewery dashboard/control panel.  It is important to mount the controller using four screws into your brewery.

Pleast note we recommend using x1 element only per Power Station Controller. If you are looking to use multiple, please ensure you have multiple Power Controllers on different circuits. If you are unsure please ask an electrician or trained professional.  Even though the internal controller parts in the brewery are rated to 4000watts this device comes with a convenient 10amp power socket so you cannot exceed 2400 watts unless you modify the socket and flex cable yourself.

From: Kegland

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