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Petainer Hybrid Keg - 30L - D-Type

Petainer Hybrid Keg - 30L - D-Type
Petainer Hybrid Keg - 30L - D-Type
In Stock

In Stock

Petainer 30L PET Hybrid Keg. This single-use, or one-way PET plastic keg can be filled, sent, and then recycled when empty, cutting out costly return logistics and washing processes.


  • Safe: puncture resistant wall, and PRT (pressure relief tool) supplied with every keg.
  • Ready-To-Use: pre-purged with N2, keg line compatible, and complete with D-Type fitting.
  • Fast filling: upright or inverted, with inside spear for optimal dispense. Manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic filling.
  • Eco-Friendly design: easy to disassemble for recycling, reusable chimes, and made of up to 60% recycled material.
  • Ergonomics and handling: easy to lift, stack, and palletise, and with a patented chime for the unique base grip.
  • Product integrity: UV and light protection (no bag needed). O2 and CO2 barrier technology.
  • Export strength: Proven to withstand heat and rough handling. Lightweight and low cost logistics.
  • Suitable for: beer, wine, cider, coffee, kombucha.

Volume: 30 Litre
Fitting: D-Type

Diameter: approx. 305mm
Height: approx. 595mm
Max. operating pressure: 3.1 bar, 45 psi
CO2 barrier (after 12 months): <15% CO2 loss
O2 barrier (after 9 months): <200 ppb intake
Light and UV protection: up to 500 nm

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