German Pilsner Malt (Gladfield)

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Gladfield German Pilsner Malt is a newly developed malt from an old world style, and is perfect as a base for Ales and Lagers. This malt started with high nitrogen plump 2-row spring barley that goes through a traditional long germination process, followed by a light kilning. It is designed to lauter well, as well as providing a solid extract. The higher protein barley will maintain a lot of medium chain proteins that provide both body and head retention. The flavour of this malt is crisp, clean and refreshing with a lovely pale straw colour.

Use at a rate of up to 100% of your grain bill for just about any beer style.

Available uncrushed or crushed in-house on request.

EBC: 3-4.5

Maltster: Gladfield
Origin: New Zealand

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