Kegmenter Lid with Ball Lock Posts, Dip Tube and PRV

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A 4" tri-clamp replacement lid for your Kegmenter. 

This lid comes with a red pressure relief valve (that opens at 2.5bar - compatible thread to cornelius type PRVs).  The lid has accurately machined gas and liquid posts. 

It also comes with a 60cm silicon dip tube and a stainless float.  This innovative design means when you draw liquid from this kegmenter the liquid will always be drawn from the top 2.5cm, so only the clearest wort/beer will be drawn from the kegmenter.  This is particulrly useful if you are dispending directly from the fermenter or simply want to separate clear liquid from sediment which has sunk to the bottom of the kegmenter.

From: Kegland

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