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Fresh High Gravity Wort - Dark

Fresh High Gravity Wort - Dark
Fresh High Gravity Wort - Dark
In Stock

In Stock

Fresh High Gravity Dark Wort. A concentrated wort to make world class craft beer.

Use the Long White Cloud Beer Formulator to calculate your recipe. Enter the volume of your Fermenter and the style of beer you want to brew. You can invent your own world class craft beer, using these worts. You will need four of these packs to make around 23 litres of beer. Mix and match your choice of each 1.3kg wort packs to create your unique beer, or choose any one of our tried and proven recipes.

- No boiling
- Just add yeast and water
- 100% quality guaranteed

What is High Gravity Wort This wort is produced in the traditional way, starting with a mash using an exclusive selection of fine crushed malts. Sweet wort is extracted and boiled with selected hops to achieve the perfect balance of bitterness and aroma. At this point the wort, like all wort, comprises about 12% complex malt sugars suspended in pure water. It is then vacuum evaporation at low temperature to gently remove significant quantities of the remaining water to concentrate the sugars and flavours while retaining freshness. The fresh wort now has a higher specific gravity and hence the name, High Gravity Wort. To return fresh HG wort to the right concentration for fermentation, just add water and yeast according to the recipe.

For more detail on using Fresh High Gravity Wort, see the Long White Cloud Brewing website.

Specs at 12.5 Plato:
Bitterness: 25 IBU
Final Limit Gravity: 1.012
Wort Colour: 125 EBC
Alcohol: 5.0% ABV

Malts: Pilsner 50%, Ale Malt 30%, CaraMunich Type 2 10%, Chocolate Malt 2%, Carafa Special Type 3 2%, Carafa Special Type 2 2%
Hops: Green Bullet
Weight: 1.3kg
Made in: New Zealand
From: Long White Cloud Brewing Company

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