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FTSs Touch Temperature Control

FTSs Touch Temperature Control
FTSs Touch Temperature Control
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A properly controlled fermentation temperature is critical to producing quality beer. The now-iconic original Fermentation Temperature Stabilization System (FTSs) resulted from many napkin sketches that applied advanced thermodynamics to traditional brewing practices. The system is elegant in its simplicity and incredibly efficient, yet it was the third product ever designed at Ss Brewtech, just after the Brew Bucket and Chronical. For an encore performance to the classic FTSs, they wanted to reimagine what homebrewing temperature control could be.

Your chill source can be as simple as a cooler with ice or as sophisticated as our Ss Glycol Chiller. If your setup requires temperatures to be corrected both up and down, there is an optional FTSs Touch | Heating Pad.

Note: The FTSs Touch is designed to be paired with systems like the Unitank, Chronical BME, and Brite Tank BME, which already have a cooling coil and neoprene jacket.

What's included:

  • FTSs Touch Display
  • FTSs Nub (junction box)
  • FTSs Pump
  • Digital Thermoprobe
  • 3/8" Silicone Tubing
  • FTSs Pump Ice Guard 
  • Silicone Thermoprobe Holder
  • Stand Mount
  • TC Mount
  • Cable/Tubing Management Ties
  • Hose Clamps
  • Power Supply

Pro Level Temp Control

Ss Brewtech knew the tremendous capabilities of their in-house developed Pro Screens would provide the perfect platform for the next generation of homebrewing technology. The homebrewer deserves the same level of performance that the Ss Brewtech systems provide commercial breweries such as Russian River and Sierra Nevada. The 3.5" touchscreen is the perfect balance of compact design and functionality. Large, high contrast temperature data is visible at a glance from across the brewery.

They also added exportable data downloads using the FTSs Touch's USB port, which can then be dropped into an Excel template to display highly detailed graphing of what occurred during a fermentation cycle. This key feature allows a brewer to analyse what went right or wrong during their fermentation process. Information contributes to better repeatability and process improvement, which is the ultimate goal of every home or professional brewer. In addition, they added temperature presets so that brewers can set up and programme the unit with a single touch. This feature is great for quickly and easily switching the unit between Ale and Lager fermentations or jumping between commonly used temperatures for house yeast strains.

After over two years of development, the FTSs Touch now boasts a significant decrease in thermal delta compared to the original FTSs system. Precision is everything in process control, and we've made a huge leap over industry-standard on/off controllers. This is done though a proprietary algorithm that senses, anticipates, and reacts to thermal changes quicker.

Lastly, firmware updates can now be made simply by using the FTSs Touch's USB port, which can be used to unlock new functionality, continue to improve temperature delta, or adapt the system to new products. Simply put, the FTSs is designed to grow with your home brewery.

FTSs Nub

In addition to the increased screen real estate, they also wanted to dramatically clean up the installation of the FTSs system. By moving nearly all ports to a soft silicone molded junction box, called the FTSs Nub, only a single cable needs to be routed through the neoprene jacket to the display.

It's a lot of small changes which add up to a well-engineered product, which is why they have significantly upgraded the DC power supply to a robust industrial-grade unit, and changed all connection points to durable XC30 plugs, which provides a new level of durability to the system. Additionally, the thermoprobe has gone digital; this carries two benefits; first, it's more accurate, and second, it can be extended or replaced with the addition of a 2.5mm jack inline with the probe's cable.

Ready to Heat

Gone are the days when you would need to order a separate controller for the addition of heating functionality; there is now only one FTSs Touch, with both cooling and heating built into every unit. Simply plug in the optional heating pad to the Nub, or not, it's your choice. You can always add a heating pad to the system at a later date. With an ever-growing emphasis on thoughtful, brewer-centric design, we designed the UI of the FTSs Touch to give you an at-a-glance view of what the unit is doing, illuminating the screen orange during heating, blue during cooling, and gray when the system is paused.

Crash Mode

Along with the other three programmable presets for fermentation, they've implemented a new Crash Mode into the FTSs Touch. In Crash Mode, you can store multiple crash presets and switch from ferment to crash with a single press of a button. Much like the heating mode and chilling mode, they've made the crash screen a shade of purple so that a crashing fermenter can be easily spotted across your brewery.

From: Ss Brewtech

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