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Duotight - Inline Regulator

Duotight - Inline Regulator
Duotight - Inline Regulator
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The Duotight Inline Regulator - these compact inline regulators have been designed to suit 8mm (5/16") tubing.

Suits pressures 0-150psi however this unit is packed with the 0-60psi gauge as standard. Suitable for mains water pressure, also suitable for liquid or gas.

- Made from Acetal/POM, EPDM o-rings and stainless teeth
- Suits 8mm (5/16) OD tubing
- Includes integrated 0-60psi Pressure Gauge

For higher pressures such as mains water supply we recommend the 4mm ID Tubing, or 5mm ID if you do not need as high pressures and you would prefer higher flow rate.

This compact solution for adjusting water and gas pressure can be useful in many different applications. It can be used for compressed air, CO2, nitrogen, mains water supply and many other things.

The design utilises the reliability of the Kegland patented Duotight o-ring system to make sure you can fit hoses to this unit quickly and with leak free connections.

These gauges are accurate to about 10% of the range of the pressure gauge. So if you use the lowest range possible it will ensure the best possible accuracy.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Do not exceed gauge pressure. If you set a gauge pressure higher than the graduations on the gauge you can damage the gauge. (ie if you are using the 0-60psi gauge. Do not set pressure above 60psi or damage to the gauge may occur.)

Made From: food grade engineering plastic, stainless steel and quality made EPDM seals
From: Kegland

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