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Brewzilla 65L (G3) - Extended Malt Pipe

Brewzilla 65L (G3) - Extended Malt Pipe
Brewzilla 65L (G3) - Extended Malt Pipe
In Stock

In Stock

Brewzilla 65L (G3) - Extended Malt Pipe for Boiler Extension (Stainless steel).

This is the upgraded malt pipe for the BrewZilla 65L model when you add the 24L Boiler Extension. It does not come with an extra Halo Support Ring, you will need to either purchase one if you are using a DigiBoil 65L + Extension, or remove the one out of your BrewZilla and place higher.

A new feature of these Extended Malt Pipes is the added feet half way up the malt pipe. These have been added to help those who find it difficult to lift in one motion.

It can also be used on the Digiboil 65L model so you can use a malt pipe with the Digiboil 65L boiler.

Recommended Purchases for Gen 3+ BrewZillas:
Boiler Extension for 65L BrewZilla / DigiBoil

If you are upgrading a DigiBoil you will still need a malt pipe bottom screen and handle.


  • 350mm Diameter
  • 600mm High
  • Feet are approximately at the 310mm mark

(Dimensions of Standard Malt Pipe for G3: 350mm Diameter x 405mm High)

From: Kegland

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