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Brewshop Starter Kit - Standard

Brewshop Starter Kit - Standard
Brewshop Starter Kit - Standard
In Stock

In Stock

The Standard Starter Kit provides all the basic equipment to get brewing. The 30 litre barrel is ideal for brewing the standard 23 litre batch.

We now include the ingredients for the first brew.

The Standard Starter kit includes:

1. 30 litre barrel (with screw top lid)
2. Standard airlock and grommet
3. Standard tap
4. Hydrometer
5. Digital or Glass Thermometer
6. Stick on thermometer
7. Bottling tube
8. Long handled spoon
9. Cleaner - PBW or Single Step
10. Sanitiser - Stellarsan
11. Hop straining bag
12. Beer kit
13. Enhancer pack
14. Dextrose for bottle priming
15. 750ml Plastic Bottles x 30
16. Instruction sheet

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