Ss Brewtech Glycol Chiller 3/4 HP

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Introducing the Ss Glycol Chiller 3/4 HP, which will maintain lager temps and enable crash cooling for up to 6 vessels even in relatively high ambient temperatures. The chiller is designed to integrate seamlessly with FTSs kits to provide a complete temperature control system.

Since each FTSs kit includes its own dedicated temperature controller, pump, and tubing, each vessel can be connected to the glycol chiller with its own independent loop. The parallel design of this set up offers the ability to ferment at ale temps in one vessel, and maintain precise serve or crash cooling temps in another vessel. The Glycol Chiller can also be paired with Ss Brite Tanks to hold beer at serving temperatures. This system offers both flexibility and expandability for your home brewery.

- Attach up to 6 FTSs kits at one time
- Capable of crash cooling and lagering

Assuming one vessel is crash cooled at a time:
- Chills Up to 6 - 1 BBL Chronicals, Unitanks or Brite Tanks
- Chills Up to 4 - 2 BBL Unitanks
- Chills up to 2 - 3.5 BBL Unitanks
- Chills up to 1 - 7 BBL Jacketed Unitank

- Vertical chassis layout
- 3/4 HP compressor
- 5327 BTUs/Hr
- 83 litre reservoir with sight glass
- Casters included
- Made in France
- Dimensions: approx. 60cm W x 60cm D x 85cm H

From: Ss Brewtech

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