Coffee Stout - All-Grain Recipe

Coffee Stout - All-Grain Recipe

A thick, dark, creamy stout with a kick of coffee that comes through with age. This recipe will produce a beer you’ll want to share with friends while sitting around a fire in the midst of winter. The coffee taste is definitely there but is in no way overpowering, and goes well with the chocolate notes and the thick tan head. Best stored for a few months before drinking.

This recipe includes the malts, hops and yeast to brew this beer. You will need to have the necessary equipment for all-grain brewing.

To complete this recipe you will need to add 500ml of freshly brewed espresso coffee.

OG: 1.074
FG: 1.019
IBU: 81
EBC: 112
ABV: 7.3%

- Pale Malt
- Crystal (Medium) Malt
- Wheat Malt
- Chocolate Malt
- Roasted Barley
- Black Malt
- Nelson Sauvin Hops
- Fuggle Hops
- Cascade Hops
- Dextrose for priming bottles (optional)
- Yeast, depending on your selection


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