Phosphoric Acid Sanitiser

Phosphoric Acid Sanitiser

Unbranded Phosphoric Acid. It is a mineral inorganic acid that can be used as a no-foaming/no-rinse sanitiser when diluted to water to a concentration of 1mL/2L.

Main uses:
- no-foaming/no-rinse sanitiser
- passivating stainless steel
- adjusting the pH of sparge water and mash

Phosphoric Acid can also be completely metabolised by yeast and will also act as a yeast nutrient if it ends up in your fermenter.

Phosphoric Acid is a transparent, colourless, sticky liquid.

Currently available in these sizes:
- 5 litre

If this does come into contact with you skin undiluted, please rinse under cold water for 5-15 minutes. It can stain coloured clothes undiluted!


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