Party Pump Kit (Picnic Pump) - Portable Keg Tap

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The Party Pump Kit provides an easy way to dispense a commercial beer keg when you are away from electricity or don't have a CO2 cylinder.

Just put the keg in a bucket of ice and pump the beer out at your own leisure. This reliable and simple setup is easy to use and requires no power, no gas cylinder and no regulator. It's really the easiest way to dispense a keg at a party.

- Easy to use
- No gas cylinder required
- No electricity required
- Plastic tap and beer line The hose comes un-assembled so you will need to assemble before use.

Note: Does not include keg coupler. Please be aware that you will need to make sure your keg coupler has the check valve installed.

Note: Beer must be drunk within 48 hrs.

From: Kegland

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