Nitrogen Gas Regulator for Disposable Cylinder - M10 Thread

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Inert Gas Regulator for Disposable Cylinders (N2 - Nitrogen, Ar - Argon, CO2 Compatible with M10 Thread).

- Swivel nut and barb to suit 4mm-6.5mm ID beer and gas line.
- 2 x spare regulator washers

Duotight Fitting compatible
To use a push in fitting on this regulator you will need to order Duotight 8mm for MFL Connector, sold separately.

Nitrogen (N2) Compatible
Nitrogen doesn't dissolve as easily into liquid like Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The nitrogen produces tiny bubbles that feel smooth on the tongue, providing a creamy effect in beer/coffee. Another common taste factor noticed by beer brewers is that it can quell bitterness.

Nitro also accentuates the malt flavours compared to CO2. Other taste factors commonly associated with using nitrogen is a rich mouthfeel sensation. These beers/coffees when poured will have a cascading effect in the glass. The nitrogen bubbles appear to be falling to the bottom, while the bubbles in the middle of the glass circle upwards. These systems are extremely popular in new-age coffee shops, as the nitro provides a creamy effect without the need of adding milk.

Attach the regulator to to the top of your disposable cylinder. Turn pressure up to desired level.
To avoid the chance of leaks and returning to an empty bottle, please triple check every connection point on your system or disconnect your gas cylinder between uses.

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