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Regulator - Micromatic Secondary

Micromatic Secondary Regulator
Regulator - Micromatic Secondary
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The Micromatic Secondary Regulator is used in conjunction with your primary CO2 regulator to set individual gas pressure for an additional keg. It can handle CO2, Nitrogen, or mixed gasses, with a working pressure up to 45 PSI.

Connections are the JG push-fit style on both the inlet and outlet.

These secondary regulators are "chainable", so you can join together as many as you need, each having its own pressure. Note: you will need a blanking plug at the end of your chain. If you only have one of these secondary regulators you will still need a blanking plug. Add this to your order using the option below.

Please also note that the connection is a 3/8" push fit. Optionally select as many hose adapters to fit the 6mm gas line if you don't have 3/8" line.

Type: Secondary Regulator - CO2, N2, mixed gasses
Inlet Connection: 3/8" JG
Outlet Connection: shut-off valve + 3/8" JG
Capacity: 60 l/min maximum
Weight: 120g
Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 85mm
Max. Inlet: 7 bar / 102 PSI
Working Pressure: 0.5-3.1 bar / 45 PSI

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