Acidulated Malt

Acidulated Malt Acidulated Malt Grain

Acidulated malt, sometimes called acid malt or sour malt, is used to reduce the mash pH level. As a rule of thumb, using 1% of acidulated malt in the grist will lower the pH of the finished beer by 0.1. Acidulated malt will add more fullness of flavour to the finished beer, and used in larger amounts can create a sour taste to the beer. It is recommended to use up to 5% of your total grain bill, or up to 10% for sour style beers. Often used for pilsners, light beers, and wheat beers.

Reduction of wort-pH leads to:
- a better mash working
- intensified fermentation
- lighter Pilsner colour
- improved flavour stability
- well-rounded beer flavour

Available uncrushed or crushed in-house on request.

EBC: 4.5

Maltster: Weyermann
Origin: Germany

Malt substitutes: Gladfield Sour Grapes Malt

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