9.5 Litre Keg (New)

9.5 Litre Keg (New) 9.5 Litre Keg (New) - Top 9.5 Litre Keg (New) - Hop Ball Example

A new 9.5 litre keg with ball-lock gas in and beer out posts, and lid with pull-ring pressure relief valve.

These premium brand new kegs with Rubber Handle are rated to 130psi working pressure and are made using a robotic orbital welding machine. They have super smooth welds, making them sanitary and easier to clean. The black rubber on these kegs also make them a little nicer to use as they are less likely to damage your floors or crack plastic lining inside your kegerator.

They also have a lid with an internal tab/hook under the lid designed specifically for attaching a hop ball for dry hopping.

Note: Hop Ball not included.

From: Kegland
Dimensions: approx. 214mm diameter x 370mm high
Rated to: 130PSI


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