Trial Hops - 9909

Trial Hops - 9909

Hort 9909 is another trial hop from NZ Hops that tends to pronounce citrus characters of lemon and lime, sweet hay and spices background in keeping with the selections breeding. Brewing trials in lagers and pilsners as well as Pale Ales, and XPA’s have displayed a mix of traditional noble hop character with new world lifted citrus and pine notes.

Typical applications are yet to be established, although trial indications have seen a leaning toward dual purpose uses in single hopped beers. It has been especially good in new world style pilsners and lagers with a solid clean bitterness and where very late as well as dry hopping has promoted the typical crisp mineral noble hop notes along with citrus lime to carry the sweetness of higher ABV styles. Quality bitterness from its noble hop pedigree is a real standout.

Grown: NZ
Alpha Rating: 9.0-10.0%
Weight: 100g


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