Simcoe LupuLN2

Simcoe LupuLN2

LupuLN2 is the concentrated lupulin of whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oils. It is designed to provide intense hop flavour and aroma, enabling brewers to dose large quantities of hops without introducing astringent flavours or vegetative material. During early R and D trials, brewers specifically cited ‘juicy’ and ‘resinous’ characteristics. LupuLN2 offers twice the resin content of traditional whole-leaf and hop pellet products, and should be dosed at approximately half the amount by weight.

This is the Simcoe version of LupuLN2, in pellet form.

LupuLN2 can be utilised anywhere whole-leaf hops and hop pellets are traditionally applied. However, you will need less than half the amount - typical usage would be 30-50% compared to standard hop pellets.

Grown: USA
Alpha Rating: around 24.2%
Format: Cold Pressed Pellets
Weight: 100g


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