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Hop Extract is a New Zealand CO2-extracted hop resin. It can be used to replace hop pellets or hop cones in the boil.

One of the main advantages of using hop extract for home brewers is the reduction in trub at the end of the boil that you would normally get with hop pellets or cones. This means you can get more of your wort into the fermenter, and have less wastage.

Some benefits of using hop extract over other hop forms:

- reduced levels of tannins and polyphenols in the beer
- improvements in flavour stability
- improved physical aspects of beer quality such as haze formation and beer foam retention
- significant reduction in hop trub

Hop extract is a golden, thick, honey-like paste with all the specific brewing characteristics of the natural hop variety. It needs to be warmed prior to use to convert it to a liquid, making it easily measured and added to your wort. Hop extract is packaged in 10ml syringes, and vacuum sealed. Generally, 1ml of hop extract equates to around 10 IBUs in 23 litres of wort with a gravity of 1.050 and boiled for 60 mins. A 10ml syringe is therefore likely to last 1-4 standard brews. Further instructions for use and storage are included.

Size: 10g (approx. 10ml)
Current available varieties: Pacific Jade, Wakatu

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