Foam on Beer Detector - Beer Benefit

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The "Beer Benefit" is a Foam on Beer Detector (FOB) from Krome Dispense for use in long draw draft beer systems. It will detect when the keg empties, stop the flow, but keep the line full of beer. This allows you to reattach a keg and keep dispensing without wasting beer if you had to purge the system. Foaming at the end of a keg, and when starting a new keg, costs bar operators through beer wastage at keg change over.

It can be keg or wall mounted.

These are best suited to systems used in pubs or breweries, they are not needed in short draw systems like kegerators.

Material: Food Grade Plastic
Size: approx. 80mm x 170mm
Connections: 5/8" male thread
From: Krome Dispense

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