Regulator - MKIII Single CO2

Regulator - MKIII Single CO2

The MKIII regulator provides reliable gas control. It has a large body for high flow rates and comes with a precision diaphragm for accurate adjustment, and also has a large adjustment knob for easy adjustment.

The seat and seat cap assembly, often the most problematic part in a regulator, has been re-designed in this MKIII version and now takes advantage of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) the new UHMWPE is significantly better in chemical resistance and stability than the Teflon that is normally used in other brand names.

The regulator has also been designed so that the whole seat and seat cap assembly are manufactured as a fully encapsulated part. This adds to the reliability and in the case that the regulator is eventually opened up for servicing it reduces the chance of this assembly becoming contaminated by the service agent. This further improves reliability.

Apart from CO2, it is also suitable for Oxygen, Argon, Helium, and Nitrogen by changing the cylinder connection.

Output Pressure Gauge: 0-100 PSI
Tank Pressure Gauge: 0-3000 PSI
Outlet: Barbed
Effective Working Pressure: 0-50 PSI
From: Keg King

Note: current batch is unbranded.


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