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The WilliamsWarn Counter-Pressure Bottler allows you to connect your WilliamsWarn or carbonated keg and fill bottles without losing any carbonation.It enables you to bottle your own cold, clear, perfectly carbonated, professional quality beer in a fast and easy way.

The Bottler can accomodate bottles up to approx. 370mm in height, allowing a variety of bottle types to be used. It will allow you to pressurise the bottle with CO2 before filling, making sure your beverage doesn't lose its freshness and carbonation while being transferred.

Once the two hoses (gas and beer) are connected via the simple push-lock fittings on top of the valve, open the gas side for a few seconds to pressurise the bottle and remove air, close and then open the beverage side to allow beer to enter. The beer fills against a back-pressure so doesn't foam and doesn't lose carbonation. Pressure release, and therefore fill flow rate, are controlled by how open the variable pressure valve is set. A 500ml bottle can be filled in around 40 seconds.

The bottled beer is ready to consume immediately, as the beer is already carbonated. Take them to a party to impress your buddies.

Comes with hoses for connecting but without the bottles, and includes ball-lock corny keg connections and a user manual.

From: WilliamsWarn, New Zealand



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