Belgian Candi Syrup

Belgian Candi Syrup

This Belgian Candi Syrup is produced from pure beet sugar which is boiled and concentrated. This process is repeated until the desired colour and flavour is achieved. Contains no molasses, artificial colouring agents or additives.

Candi syrups are highly fermentable, so you don’t need to worry about the beer becoming too sweet. They can add to the gravity of your wort and increase alcohol content for those strong Belgian beer styles. You can use Belgian candi syrups to add these traits to most styles of beer (not just Belgian styles).

Note: these are repackaged into a convenient 500g screw top container for home brewers.

Three types available:

Amber - made using the same process as the dark syrup. Lighter in colour with a less intense candi syrup flavour. Highly fermentable. Colour: 79 EBC.

Dark - the original caramelised sugar of traditional Belgian ales. This syrup is deep red/ black in colour. It’s flavour is full of soft caramel, vanilla, plums and raisins. Highly fermentable. Colour: 157 EBC.

Dark 2 - a mix of burnt sugar, figs, ripe fruit, toffee and dark chocolate. Highly fermentable. Colour: 197 EBC.

From: Belgium
Size: 500g


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