Standard Starter Kit

Standard Brewing Starter Kit Standard Brewing Starter Kit

The Standard Starter Kit provides all the basic equipment to get brewing. The 30 litre barrel is ideal for brewing the standard 23 litre batch.

Optionally select an ingredients pack for the first brew, along with an enhancer pack and/or bottles.

The Standard Starter kit includes:

1. 30 litre barrel (with screw top lid)
2. Standard airlock & grommet
3. Standard tap
4. Hydrometer
5. Plastic trial jar
6. Thermometer (30cm)
7. Stick on thermometer
8. Bottling tube
9. Long handled spoon
10. Cleaner (500g Sodium Percarbonate Powder)
11. Instruction sheet

You may also like to choose an ingredients kit to go with your starter pack from the selection below.

Note that bottles are not included in this kit. Optionally select bottles from the below choices or see our selection of glass and plastic bottles under bottling equipment. Note that non-flip-top glass bottles also require a capper and caps.

You may also be interested in the Mangrove Jack's Craft Series Microbrewery Starter Kit or the Mangrove Jack's Starter Brewery with Bottles.


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