Ss Brite Tank - 155 Litre (1BBL)

Ss Brite Tank - 155 Litre (1BBL) Ss Brite Tank - Outlets Ss Brite Tank - Top Ss Brite Tank - Inside Ss Brite Tank - 155 Litre (1BBL) Ss Brite Tank - Sketch

The Ss Brewtech Brite Tank - 155 Litre (1BBL) - loaded with features for clarifying and carbonating your beer. Put this in a fridge or cooler and clear beer is waiting for you on the other side.

Some of the reasons brewers like to use brite tanks include:
- cuts carbonation time down significantly (compared to corny kegs)
- allows for proper burst carb'ing and head pressure monitoring
- allows for bulk conditioning/aging
- can serve from a counter top (with a chiller)
- ability to transfer beer from your fermenter from the bottom up (reduces oxidation risk)

Summary of features:
- 155 litre Capacity (37.5 gallons / 1 BBL)
- 304 Stainless Steel construction
- 15 psi Operating Pressure
- Pro brewing dished bottom design
- Custom Ss short handled butterfly valve
- Large bottom surface area for yeast to settle
- Large centre drain instead of a dip tube (yeast doesn't get drawn into serving line)
- Sampling valve
- Carbonation stone
- Thermowell
- Sight tube
- Exterior etched vol markings
- LCD temperature display
- 6" Tri-Clamp lid / clamp
- Pressure gauge and 90 degree elbow
- Pressure relief valve (PRV)
- Easy to clean (TC CIP)
- Adjustable feet
- Dimensions: approx. 81cm height x 61cm diameter x 68cm depth

Note: does not include immersion chiller coil/neoprene jacket kit or temperature control kit. This is available as an optional extra.

The manufacturer recommends using Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) (sold separately) for initial cleaning to remove oils, grease and any manufacturing residue.

From: Ss Brewing Technologies, USA


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