Beer Tower - Taper Cut

Beer Tower - Taper Cut

Double Faucet Taper Cut Draft Beer Tower - makes a great presence in a commercial bar or on a kegerator. Made of durable Stainless Steel 304 with a slim design, it’s also easy to install. The taper provides an opportunity for brand placement (45° taper).

Currently only available in double tap model. Single, triple and other tap numbers also possible, ask us for details.

- Taper back for branding possibilities
- Standard faucets and handles
- Mounting hardware and gasket included

Material: Stainless Steel
Finish: SS Polished
Cooling System: Air Cooled
Mounting System: Screw Mount
Faucet Finish: Plated Brass
Outlet: NSF Vinyl Hose
Height: approx. 45cm
Column Diameter: approx. 7.62cm (3")


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